Attribution Analysis
Don't spend your money onto underperforming marketing platforms. Seek and explore truth between traditional attribution models and our RNN probability model. Spend wisely and make more money.
ROIVENUE can tell you which marketing platforms performed better than others. To see the whole picture, it's good to have the data in one place to monitor your true performance.
You can find the Data Studio template here.
And template for PBI here.
Note: If you connect data to Business Intelligence tools for the first time, please, check our Data Studio or Power BI tutorial. Also, this report is created primarily for data exported by ROIVENUE. If you try to import your own data, the whole report may fail, and you will have to make every single component compatible.

What You Can Find in This Template:

The more your business grows, the messier your data can get. With more and more marketing platforms added in the mix, the more conversions and profit you have, the crucial question stays the same: "Which channel/platform actually makes money and which is just living on others."
This report contains multiple pages, but the logic is the same. You are comparing the Last Touch model with the RNN model with the real number of conversions.
If you want to know which channels you should focus on the most, try spending more on the platforms/channels with a green coefficient.
Ready to explore the power of the report on your own? Check it out here in Data Studio or here for PowerBI.

Export the Correct Dataset From ROIVENUE.

To use the report, set up a data export like this:
1) Go to the Data Exports tab. For Data Source, select Performance Data.
2) Select Aggregated type of Query. The Export Periodicity depends on your needs: if this is a one-time analysis or if it needs to be refreshed daily.
3) Select at least the dimensions selected below. You can also add some more if you want to.
4) Select at least the metrics selected below. Again, you can add some more if you want to.
5) For the sake of this template, you need to export your data with two different models (RNN and Last Touch). You can either export to two different Google Sheets or populate two sheets with the different models as we did here.
6) The next steps: filters and date range, depending on your needs. If you are not sure, what each of the tabs means, it is described in more detail in this tutorial.
7) Destination - the last step of export - depends if you are using Power BI or Data Studio.
  • If Data Studio, then it must be set to Google Sheets.
  • If PowerBI, then it must be set to CSV
Once you have your data exports ready, please use this tutorial to supply the ROIVENUE data into Power BI or this one for Google Data studio.
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