Google Display & Video 360
Google DV360 offers wide variety of ad placements all over the internet. When trying to create the connector in Roivenue, you will need to add the account ID for the connector work. Follow the tutoria

Step 1: Preparation

To correctly create a Google DV360 connector you will have to firstly find the account ID.
Google DV360 has a complex structure of accounts, campaigns and ad groups, that is why the connector needs the account ID to correctly filter your relevant data.
To find the ID, continue to Google DV360 platform and click on "Partners".
Here, you will get to choose from which account you want to download data from. Click on one of them.
After you are in one the "Partner accounts", you have finally the possibility to see from which partner account you want to download data from. The ID is visible here.¨
Copy-paste the ID and follow to the second step.

Step 2: Authorization of the ROIVENUE connector

Now we have everything ready to finish the authorization. Go to ROIVENUE connectors, choose the Google DV360 platform and copy-paste the token to the input field in the "Settings" step.

Step 3: See the data!

After this step, there is nothing that will stop you from using the connector. The connector will be downloading your data every day, first thing in the morning. Use it to your advantage.
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