Google Display & Video 360

Google DV360 a offers wide variety of ad placements. To use the Roivenue DV360 connector, you will need your account ID. Follow this tutorial to get started.

Step 1: Preparation

The first step to obtaining your account ID is navigating to the appropriate page.
The account ID is important because of the complex structure of campaigns and ad groups that DV30 uses.
To find the ID, continue to Google DV360 platform and click on "Partners".
Here, you will get to choose from which account you want to download data from. Select the one that you wish to work with.
Once inside, you have the ability to select the partner account you want to download data from. The ID is visible here:
Copy the ID to your clipboard and follow to the next step.

Step 2: Authorization of the ROIVENUE connector

Now we have everything ready to finish the authorization. Go to ROIVENUE connectors, choose the Google DV360 platform and paste the token into the input field in the "Settings" step.

Step 3: See the data!

After this step, continue with the rest of the setup process. Once finished, the connector will be downloading your data every day, first thing in the morning.