Exports Overview

ROIVENUE has always been of the philosophy that “everything that comes in needs to also get out” so that another data silo is not created.

ROIVENUE allows you to do exactly this and even more.

  1. Get all the data in one place - no more connecting different tables in your data model.

  2. Apply filters and get rid of unnecessary data.

  3. Use 7 standardized export methods (Sheets, MSSQL, Azure etc.) to get marketing data anywhere you need it.

  4. Have it fresh, every day - no more waiting for the data set to be generated. If you save your report, it will regenerate automatically and be ready for you each morning.

  5. Create up to ten Export files with daily refresh for every ROIVENUE™ plan.

Export Data from ROIVENUE

Head to the “My Data Export” section in ROIVENUE and follow the seven steps in the wizard:

1. Click “Create New Data Export ”

2. Name your query and choose your data set (Performance Data, Customers, Orders or Targets)

3. Choose between aggregated or raw source data, select currency and periodicity.

4.a) For Source Data: select columns directly from a set of more than three dozen of the most commonly used metrics.

4.b) For Aggregated: choose dimensions and metrics (columns in your future reports).

5. Pick the attribution model of your choice.

6. Apply filters to select or exclude rows based on particular column values or skip this step to receive all of the data.

7. Select your desired data range - choose between number of days back, fixed date range or all data.

8. Choose your output destination from five options.

The Wizard Isn’t Enough? Try Our REST API

The set-up wizard covers the vast majority of use cases we have seen you all doing with ROIVENUE over the years. In case you need to customize your data requests even more, please use our REST API.

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