Export to a Google Sheet

Roivenue can export data to several data storage platforms. One of them is Google Sheets.

Step 1: Google Sheet Preparation

In the first step you need to create a Google Sheet document to store the exported data.

1. Create a new Google Sheet, name it and click on the Share button.

2. Change the type of sheet sharing.

3. Choose the sharing option: anyone with the link.

4. Click on the "Viewer" selection on the right and choose the "Editor" role.

Step 2: Paste the Google Document ID in ROIVENUE Data Exports

Now your Google Sheet is ready to be populated with data from Roivenue. Copy the unique Google Document ID.

What and where is the Google Document ID?

Note: What and where is the Google Document ID?

Let's say that you have this URL : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1OQE1SYpMEmmdLHRAc9h829I2Tz73YFElHlhIXr_57OY/edit#gid=0.

Then the Document ID is this part from the URL:


After you will have the correct Google Document ID, you can copypaste it to Roivenue's Google Sheet settings.

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