Conversion Rate

Conversion Ratio is defined as the number of visits that end up converting(making a purchase) on your site divided by the total number of visits. This metric shows the share of converting visitors because it directly affects your business results. In general, the higher the conversion rate, the better results for your business.

For various businesses there are various types of conversions. Conversion rate commonly fluctuates throughout the year. For example, around Christmas sales can radically increase and afterwards they can rapidly go down. Be prepared for this seasonality and always keep in mind that higher numbers of conversions need adequate resources and capacities.

Here are some areas to focus on to achieve better conversion rate:

  • Product page optimization

  • Sales funnel optimization

  • Personalization

  • Navigation optimization

  • Page speed optimization

Indeed, an e-commerce website is responsible for the conversions that come from its visits. Therefore, conversion rate is a key web performance indicator. Be sure that all changes you have planned will positively affect your Conversion Rate.


Calculation: CR = conversions / visits

Example: CR = (2 000 / 100 000) * 100 % = 2 %

Unit: Number

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