General Questions

What does "not tracked" mean?

If you see a not tracked value in Roivenue, it means that you have a Transaction Feed connected.

Not tracked are all the conversions which you send in the feed but they were not tracked by Google Analytics. These conversions cannot be connected to a specific customer journey as they are not in GA at all but we still show them as not tracked so you can keep track of how much of your website traffic is not being measured.

What is "null" or "Other" in Roivenue?

Sometimes dimension value can be null. It happens when part of your data is not assigned to any other value. It can be expected behavior f.e. in Platform Name all the direct and organic traffic can be "null" or "other" Alternatively, if the null seems to be too high, it can be checked in Custom Dimensions where you can adjust the rules what goes under null.

I cannot see costs assigned properly in my custom dimension. What is the problem?

It is possible that you have created only part of the rules - for your web analytics data.

Go to the rule for a value where the costs are missing and check if you have a rule created also for dimensions from ad platforms. If yes, you should see rows with costs in the rules preview. You can find detailed instructions on how to set up custom dimensions in How to Create a New Custom Dimension.

Can I manually add costs in Roivenue?

Yes, adding other costs is easy. Go to Data -> Other Expenses and you can create a one time cost (f.e. influencer fee) or a recurring expense (f.e. monthly fee for a tool). You can assign these costs to any dimension. These costs will appear in the performance data and if needed, you can also filter them out with the Investment Type filter - all of the manually added costs will be called Other Expense

What "from Platform" means in dimension name?

It means that this is a source dimension downloaded directly from Ad Platform (Google Ads, Meta, TikTok etc.), contains only data from that platform and was not combined with the web analytics or other data.

It will contain information about costs, impression and clicks but it will not contain any information about revenue or profit if you select it. Typically, you will use these dimensions when creating Custom Dimensions rules to create a rule which assigns costs to a platform.

What "from Google Analytics" means in dimension name?

It means that this is a source dimension downloaded directly from Google Analytics, contains only data from there and was not combined with ad platform or other data

It will contain information about visits, conversions or revenue but it will not contain any information about costs or impressions. Typically, you will use these dimensions when creating Custom Dimensions rules to create a rule which assigns conversions to a platform.


Revenue/profit is missing for the last couple of days

The most common reason is that you stopped exporting the data from your backend system. Please check if the export is working correctly. If not, uploading the data will solve the issue and all the conversions will be processed. If the export is working but you still do not see the data, please contact us.

All of a sudden, last couple of weeks of revenue/profit data is missing

This can happen if you generated export from your backend system and send it to us through API but the file was empty by mistake.

Roivenue takes the feed as a source of truth, so if you send empty data for given days in the feed, it will show in the app as well. Resending the correct file will help and data will reappear with the next processing

Delivery Ratio is the same for the last 14 days

You probably have Delivery Prediction function switched on. Delivery Prediction changes the last 14 days of data and instead of using real data send in your Transaction Feed, it estimates based on historical data, how many orders will be delivered.

You can switch it of in Settings -> Sites -> Delivery prediction

How is Net Revenue metric calculated in Roivenue? If your account has Transaction Feed with backend data connected, Net Revenue matches the value sent in the <revenue> parameter. Roivenue makes no calculations to this metric so it always matches the data from the file. Roivenue shows revenue only from orders which have status "Delivered" in the feed. Revenue from others is not shown in the app. If your account uses only Google Analytics as a source of conversions and revenue, then the Net Revenue metric is exactly matching with GA unless there are duplicate conversions which Roivenue deduplicates and counts only once

Attribution Model

Last Touch Results are different in Roivenue compared to Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

  • Employs a Last Non-Direct Click model. If a conversion follows a direct visit, the conversion credit goes to the last non-direct channel the user engaged with.

  • Direct traffic only receives credit if it's the sole touchpoint in the customer journey.


  • Leverages unprocessed GA4 data, avoiding GA4's post-processing.

  • Its Last Touch model includes direct traffic, giving it more credit initially.

  • Roivenue's AI-driven model then redistributes credit across channels based on their true contribution to the conversion.


  • Scenario: Display > Social > Paid Search > Direct (conversion)

    • GA4: Assigns 100% credit to Paid Search (last non-direct)

    • Roivenue (Last Touch): Assigns 100% credit to Direct

    • Roivenue (AI-driven): Distributes credit based on each channel's actual impact


GA4 and Roivenue differ fundamentally in how they treat direct traffic in the Last Touch model. Roivenue Last Touch model shows the real value of direct and the Roivenue's AI-driven model aims to provide a realistic picture by reassessing the impact of all touchpoints preceding the direct visit. Understanding these distinctions is essential for making informed data-driven business decisions.

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