Visits are how they sound: they’re a measurement of how many people accessed your website over a certain time period. They are also referred to as Sessions. Visits can be quantified with different methods like a user’s IP address or a cookie.

In Roivenue, visits come from sessions in Google Analytics and therefore they are based on the Google Analytics definition. It states that a“a session is a group of interactions that take place on your website within a given time frame”. This refers to the fact that a single session can consist from multiple actions like page views, events, transactions etc. This situation is displayed in the picture below - which was acquired from the link above. A single session can consist of any or any combination of six particular actions

One user can produce many sessions while each session has its own start and its own end. Typically, a session ends after 30 minutes of user’s inactivity on the website but it can happen in other ways as well. For more details please visit the official Google Analytics documentation.

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