Advanced Editor

Our templates are generalised to fit the needs of most of our customers, but it may happen that you need to add more dimensions or change metrics. Consider using the advanced editor for that purpose.

What is the Advanced Editor?

The advanced editor is a tool to customise our templates to adjust them to your own image.

Why Do I Need the Advanced Editor?

You probably don't. Our templates are made to fit the needs of most of our customers. But there may come a time when you need a different set of data or attribution model.

Where Can I Find the Advanced Editor?

First, you have to create a connector. Afterwards, click the three dots and select Edit.

Then, click on Settings.

Enable the advanced editor with clicking "Switch to Advanced Editor" which is located at the bottom of the Settings page.

The pop-up window warns you that this connector will be only editable as a custom query from now on. You can create another connector with the original Connector Template anytime if you mess something up.

Now you are ready to customise your connectors!

We currently provide tutorials for adjusting templates to these platforms:

but the logic stays the same for all of them.

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