Heureka Connector
Heureka is the biggest Czech and Slovak price comparator. Follow this tutorial to be able to connect Heureka to the ROIVENUE platform.Heureka is the biggest Czech and Slovak price comparator. Follow t

Step 1: Preparation

To make our Heureka connector work, you will need to connect a report that Heureka provides to us. We will then put the data from the report anywhere you want.
To connect to the platform, you are going to need the report's Uniform Resource Identifier (or URI for short). But where to get it? Don't worry, it is easier than it sounds.
‌Login to the Heureka platform and go to "Administrace e-shopu",
click on "Statistiky a reporty" and then "Přehled o výkonu a nákladech".
This will get you to the page with the necessary report. Select the relevant e-shop in this dropdown(only if you have more than one account assigned) and copy this link to the button. The link is representing the URI.
Hint: The correct URI from this button looks something like this: https://api.heureka.cz/data-reports/v1/5xxx0/NakladoveStatistiky/3eYBe3xxxxxxxxxxI2wV24ASCD15MGl0qaMSxxxxxxxA

Step 2: Authorization of the ROIVENUE connector

Now we have everything ready to finish the authorization. Go to ROIVENUE connectors, choose Heureka platform and copy-paste the URI to the input field.

Step 3: See the data!

After this step, there is nothing that will stop you from using the connector. The connector will be downloading your data every day, first thing in the morning. Use it to your advantage
Warning: Our connector is limited by the platform settings and is only able to download the last 90 days of your data. This is why, even if you choose a time period older than 3 months, you will still get only last 3 months.
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