Sklik Connector
Sklik is often called Czech Google. It is a huge network with its own search engine, display network and other perks. Our connectors uses their API tokens to download data everyday.

Step 1: Preparation

Being able to download daily data from Sklik begins with generating an API token from Sklik settings.
To do that, continue to Sklik platform to the account settings.
Here, you will just simply generate the API Key by clicking on this button and then copy it to the clipboard.

Step 2: Authorization of the ROIVENUE connector

Now we have everything ready to finish the authorization. Go to ROIVENUE connectors, choose the Sklik platform and copy-paste the token to the input field.

Step 3: See the data!

After this step, there is nothing that will stop you from using the connector. The connector will be downloading your data every day, first thing in the morning. Use it to your advantage.
Last modified 2mo ago