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Transaction Feed Parameters

ROIVENUE recognizes 42 different feed parameters - meaning you can measure customer interaction in 42 different ways. Go through the optional ones and choose which ones you are interested in.
If you understand the theory and wish to know more then check out the XML file structure with notes and descriptions that we made.
Required parameters
Optional parameters
Description and examples
The web domain where the order was generated. If the order isn't placed online the value will be "-".
Example value:
The unique ID of the online order captured by the web tracking software, for instance when Google Analytics is used, this is the transaction ID. ID must be unique. For offline orders it will be a dash -.
Example value: 15108766
Internal unique order number. Can be the same as WebId. During all editing in the system this ID has to stay the same.
Example Value: 12001508xxx
User ID connected to the order. Must be hashed.If it is not possible to assign an ID to a user (e.g. the system does not create users for orders without a login) their hashed e-mail address is used. UserId will then be the same as userEmailAddress. UserId for offline orders can be null.
Example Value: e99f33420f577ee8
This identifies the status of the order, it can be a numerical type or a textual description of the order status. Examples statuses are new/paid/returned. Unknown status shall be encoded with "-".
Example of values and states identified in ROIVENUE:
Created - The status when the order is initialized (put in the cart) - 0
Ordered - Accepted/created order - 0
Canceled - Cancellation (test or duplicate order) - 0
Shipped - Forwarded to dispatch - 0
Delivered - Delivered / Paid-in order - 1
Returned - Returned order, must be paired with original OrderID - 0
Undelivered - order was not delivered or picked up - 0.
Status whether money was received.1 = YES,
0 = NO.
Example Value: 1|0
The date when the order was completed. The date when the order was accepted into the ERP system. This should be the time when WebID was send to Google Analytics.
Example Value: 2015-04-25T09:00:00
ISO 4217 currency name, the whole order must be converted into a single currency.
Example Value: CZK|EUR|PLN
Trade margin / surcharge. Difference in sales and purchase prices. This is the gross profit on the order. If not filled in, counts as (Revenue - ProductsCost).
Example Value: 235
Total revenue for sold goods. Value excludes VAT and other delivery, payment or shipping costs. From a business perspective, not a customer. (Total - (Tax + DeliveryCost + PaymentCost + ProcessingCost)). We can simplify this calculation by subtracting only tax and inputting the other costs as zero.
Example Value: 928.05
Description and examples
Date of birth "YYYY-MM-DD".
Example Value: 1988-12-11
Country code identifying the user's country.
Example Value: CZ|SK
The city where the order was delivered.
Example Value: Prague 2
ZIP code.
Example Value: 12200
Latitude of the User or Delivery address.
Example Value: 12.458033
Longitude of the User or delivery address.
Example Value: 31.113281
The date the user account was created. For an unregistered user the order date will be applied.
Example Value: 2015-02-25T12:17:00
Identifier of the system where the order was sourced from, ERP name.
Example Value: SAP ERP6.142
Optional. If not filled in, the order behaves as "online".
Example Value: online|offline
Determines the payment method, e.g. cash, card, cupon delivery, ...
Example Values:
Payment in database on client side - Value (in export)
Cash or card at delivery - CashOnDelivery
In advance by card(Gopay, PayU) - Card.PayU
Bank account transfer - Bank.KB
On hire purchase - Installment
Determines the delivery method, e.g. post, local pickup, ...
Example Values: DPD - Delivery.DPD
PPL - Delivery.PPL
Geis - Delivery.Geis
Czech Post - Delivery To Hand - Delivery.CP
Czech Post - Delivery To Post Office - Pickup.CP
Ulozenka - Pickup.Ulozenka
This is the how the order was processed, e.g. quick checkout, login checkout, call, store, ...
Example Value: login | no-login
Date and time when the product was first added to the cart. If CreatedAt is unknown, the value from OrderedAt is used.
Example Value: 2015-04-25T09:00:00
Date when the order was modified.
Example Value: 2015-04-25T11:11:00
Hash of the email address. For example MD5(LOWERCASE(email_address)). When the UserEmailHash is not populated then a UserId must be provided, bad data shall be encoded with "-".
Example Value: e99f33420f577ee8
Datetime when the order was completed and dispatched to the customer (or prepared for pick up by the customer).
Example Value: 2015-04-26T13:00:00
Date the order was handed over to the customer (date of receipt of the shipment).
Example Value: 2015-04-27T10:00:00
Datetime when the order was returned by the customer.
Example Value: 2015-05-02T10:00:00
Hash of the phone number, preferable in a standardised international format. For example MD5(+19207658943), bad data shall be encoded with "-".
Example Value: s11f12420f897cc8
Cost of delivered / undelivered shipment. Usually it has fixed values according to the type of transport. It is not the fee that your customer pays for delivery.
Example Value: 80
Payment costs (e.g: for payment gate maintenance, costs for each type of payment) - fixed value.
Example Value: 15
Other costs for order processing. For example, packing.
Example Value: 0
gender of the customer. Values: "m" or "f".
Example Value: m | f
Indicates the kind of the customer private - customer who is not a company private.partner.{xxx} - customer who is not a company with a special contract, {xxx} defines the contract type, for instance the discount level etc business – customer who is a company, and his price is the same as for private customers business.partner.{xxx} – companies, with a specific status, either they do have a special contract or a special price, {xxx} defines the contract type, for instance the discount level etc.
Example Value: customer.c15
Cost of purchasing goods excluding VAT.
Example Value: 235
Discount value including VAT. These include, for example, a discount obtained through a discount coupon, a discount on a product or an entire order. The discount value can be any positive number; it cannot be zero.
Example Value: 30
Delivery costs, including VAT, that are charged to the client.
Example Value: 0
Extra charges to the customer, for instance payment fee, etc, including VAT.
Example Value: 0
Number of products sold in the order.
Example Value: 1
Number of products delivered, ProductsQuantity less ProductsReturned, or removed from the order when amended.
Example Value: 0
Tax of the products VAT and any other tax paid if applicable, tax is calculated only from the total less delivery and surcharge.
Example Value: 194.95
Invoiced amount including all charges (postage, shipping, discounts and VAT) as seen by the customer. (ProductsRevenue + Delivery + Surcharge + Tax).
Example Value: 1123