Release report: July 2020 - July 2021

During the last year, we worked on the major historical upgrade of Roivenue to its new version.
The previous version of Roivenue had some significant limitations that prevented us from dealing with some of our upcoming challenges and client’s requirements.

Data Processing

Previous version of Roivenue was built strictly on weekly data without any possibility to work with daily numbers. We were also limited to 2 basic dimensions - marketing channels and platforms. Knowing all those limitations, we introduced a new version of processing.

What is new in Data Processing:

  • Currently we process data every day. This is a big shift in comparison to previous performance. Our clients can display their data on monthly, weekly and daily granularities.
  • We can also display any date range you want. Previously, we were limited to just weekly increments.
  • Automatic traffic pairing into campaigns. There is no need to match name of the campaigns from Google Analytics and Ad platforms. It is done automatically in the processing.


With the more urgent need to have fresh and flexible data in today's world, we released connectors as a standalone product.
Connectors are an easy-to-use product to get data from more than 20+ platforms and export them to any of our supported destinations.

What’s new with Connectors:

  • Raw & unsampled data - get almost any raw data from the platforms. Select the metrics and dimensions that you actually need.
  • Automatically refreshed data - connectors will update your numbers automatically every day.
  • Easy to set up - No coding required. Our wizard will walk you through and get you up and running in no time.
  • Also, we are constantly adding new connectors. In last half a year we added 8 new. Tradedoubler, Homebook, Shoptet, LinkedIn, Arurekeso, Compari, Favi and Biano connectors. And in future weeks, you can expect to see Facebook & Instagram Insights, Allani and Domodi connectors.

Budget Optimizer

Budget Optimizer is one of the most important tools in Roivenue. It calculates the optimal budgeting among marketing channels, platforms or campaigns based on their historical performance.

What is new in Budget Optimizer:

  • Budget optimizer settings - now you can personalize your results according to your marketing plans.
  • Improved table with Budget Optimizer results - Now some channels with really volatile data or less conversions are not taken into consideration. This means results are more stable and reliable.
  • Increased the granularity of Budget Optimizer results - now you can optimize among platforms, channels and campaigns.
  • Budget optimizer table visual adjustment - now the look of the Budget Optimizer is more polished. It also shows all of the optimization on the top, so it is easier to get around the interface.

RNN Attribution Model

We launched a completely new calculation of the main attribution model inspired by Recurrent Neural Network Predictions via Additive Decomposition. We gained several benefits including more flexible calculations and fresher data.

What’s new with our RNN Attribution Model:

Our new model can:
  • Evaluate channels based on real performance.
  • Is updated daily by multiple dimensions at once.
  • Learn and adjust according to the season or user needs.
  • Does not have limit for number of conversions for precise calculation.
  • Reveal parasitic channels more easily.
  • Calculate attribution on a every touchpoint.

Attribution Analysis

Attribution Analysis is a perfect component for comparing different attribution models. You are now able to easily evaluate the results of attribution models and see where the potential to earn more money is.

What is new in Attribution Analysis:

  • We introduced the new redesigned Attribution Analysis page.
  • Get more transparency. You can easily see and compare results of our RNN Attribution model and any other model.
  • Across more granular data. Compare the results among any default or custom dimensions.
  • Compare amongst many metrics. Set and compare the results to any metric that helps your business grow.
  • Compare any metric between each other and evaluate performance of each campaign in the Attribution Scorecard.

Process Explorer

Process Explorer is a page in ROIVENUE, where users spend the most time. That's why we are introducing a big update here as well.

What’s new in Process Explorer:

  • One click selection of attribution models - now you are able to see results of different attribution models on your data.
  • Display any date range - you don't have to rely on weekly increments anymore.
  • Comparison of different date ranges - compare performance on different date ranges.
  • More Granularity - visualize your data on daily, weekly and monthly granularity.
  • Display performance on any dimension - display any default or custom dimension.
  • Use up to 3 measures - analyse your data with 3 metrics selectors with more than 40 metrics.
  • Totals in Data table summary - displays a total value for the whole date range.
  • Dimension Explorer - display any metric and KPI across any dimension.

Dimension Editor

We introduced a new dimension editor with a lot of improvements.

What is new in Dimension Editor:

Dimensions can be hidden in the right filter panel
  • Roivenue downloads and processes many dimensions containing data from marketing platforms, web analytics suite and many more sources. Until now all these dimensions were visible in the right filter panel. Now you can display only the dimensions that are useful for you.
We introduced dimension conflicts visualization on frontend
  • This makes using the custom dimension much easier. ROIVENUE automatically warns you in case you have accidentally created a dimension that shares some rules with other . Hovering over the warning icon, will display a list of conflicts.
There are two types of warnings so far:
  • directly when creating a rule
  • or in dimension overview
User Interface improvements
  • When creating a new rule, only relevant outputs will be filtered. This will make the process of creating a new dimension rule easier. Also a lot of minor bugs were fixed including time necessary for loading the page.


It goes without saying: “Metrics Don’t Run Without Targets”. Roivenue module Targets is an upgraded version of previous Marketing Plans.

What is new in Targets:

Introduction of ratios to targets
  • You are able to create a plan from every calculated metric; this wasn’t possible before. This makes targets more versatile follow plans on every possible metric and evaluate your marketing performance on it.
Better Targets visualisation
  • Targets in the targets menu will visualize more useful data.
  • A sum of total values of targets are visible on tiles for selected data range.