The following release notes cover the most recent changes over the last weeks. It provides information on the features and improvements in each release.
We have released the Data Export page, which means that from today the data from ROIVENUE 2 can be easily exported to be used in any projects or visualizations.

How Does It Work?

  • You can download the data immediately or establish a schedule to have it ready on a regular basis.
  • The data can be downloaded in 5 different output formats: CSV, JSON, Google Sheet, Microsoft SQL and Microsoft Azure Blob Storage.
  • Data can be downloaded either as the raw source or in an aggregated format with different filters applied.
When selecting measures, hints are provided for a better understanding on what each represents.

Frontend Features

We have added sub headlines for every page to provide an explanation for the functionality of each.

Frontend Bugs Fixed

Only Button was not displayed for filter option with value 0. This used to make sense as the Main metric (here "Marketing Investment") was directly linked to data on the page.
However, considering that the user can't select the main metric on the dashboard, we enabled the ability to select/deselect a 0-value option.

Global Layout Changes

Adjusted tables headers style.
Before the adjustment the tables looked like this
and after the adjustment are like this.
We also made line chart in dashboards more softened.