Campaign Performance

This GDS template gives you an overview of how effective your campaigns are. Moreover, this analysis offers a variety of metrics and angles from which you can look at your campaigns.
What you can find in this template?
The analysis is straightforward and allows you to get insights into the progress of your campaign in a matter of minutes. The report opens up with a series of filters that allows you to narrow down as much as you'd like, depending on your desired type of analysis.
Access it here.
The two line charts are put in place to track the development of your Net Revenue & Gross Profit over time, as well as ROMI & mROMI.
Lastly, you can find a detailed table that displays the most important metrics, providing an extensive view of each of your campaigns. Moreover, this can be paired with your AdGroups in order to understand of the big picture of your online marketing strategy.

Export the Correct Dataset From ROIVENUE

To use the report, set up an export like this:
1) Select the Performance dataset on the Data Source tab.
2) Select Aggregated. The Export Periodicity depends on your needs: if the report is a one-time analysis or if it needs to be refreshed daily.
3) Select the dimensions and metrics selected below.
4) The next steps: attribution model, filters and date range; also depend on your needs. If you are not sure what each of the tabs mean, it is described in more detail in this tutorial.
5) For Destination, select Google Sheets, as only a Google Data Studio version of this template is available.
Once you have your data exports ready, please use this tutorial to supply Google Data Studio with the ROIVENUE data.