Financial Report

Find out structured information about your financial situation by quickly checking the KPIs you need. Evaluate detailed information about the platforms you are using and get more insights
This Google Data Studio template has been created for the purpose of finding out how the sites and the platforms you use are performing. You can take a look at the most important metrics and evaluate the data in a simple and effective way.
Access it here.
What you can find in this template
All data becomes messy and confusing after a while. This template allows you to examine the key financial statistics regarding your business.
The KPI’s and filters are simplified. You can easily look at the most important metrics for every platform and not get lost. Additionally, you can change the data range to highlight particular periods as needed.
Below the KPIs, there is a line chart that visualizes your investment compared to your revenue. It can also serve as a basic overview of the performance of each individual platform, from a purely financial standpoint.
For a more detailed platform overview, you can refer to the table seen below.
Further down is another table that shows the overall investment placed into all the different platforms and campaigns.
The simplicity and coherence of the template should quickly provide a basic understanding of how your businesses are doing. It was crafted so that it’s easy to use, efficient and straightforward.

Export the Correct Dataset From ROIVENUE

To use the report, set up an export like this:
1) Select the Performance dataset on the Data Source tab.
2) Select Aggregated. The Export Periodicity depends on your needs: if the report is a one-time analysis or if it needs to be refreshed daily.
3) Select the dimensions and metrics selected below.
4) The next steps: attribution model, filters and date range; also depend on your needs. If you are not sure what each of the tabs mean, it is described in more detail in this tutorial.
5) For Destination, select Google Sheets, as only a Google Data Studio version of this template is available.
Once you have your data exports ready, please use this tutorial for Google Data studio.