High-Level Overview

This template is a general overview of your performance data, allowing you to calculate your Year-over-Year progress.
The High-Level Overview gives you the ability to understand your business insights and how they interact over time with a simple click.
The Data Studio template is here. The Power BI file is here.
Note: The date range is 'Fixed' by default for demonstrating the features of the report. Once your data loads into the template, change to 'Auto date range' by clicking on the drop-down indicated below.

Export the Correct Dataset From ROIVENUE

To use the report, set up an export like this:
1) Select the Performance dataset on the Data Source tab.
2) Select Aggregated. The Export Periodicity depends on your needs: if this is a one-time analysis or if it needs to be refreshed daily, choose accordingly.
3) Select the dimensions and metrics selected below.
4) The next steps: filters and date range, also depend on your needs. If you are not sure, what each of the tabs means, it is described in more detail in this tutorial.
5) Destination - the last step of export - depends on if you want to use Power BI or Data Studio.
  • If Data Studio, then it must be set to Google Sheets.
  • If PowerBI, then it must be set to CSV
Once you have your data exports ready, please use this tutorial to supply Power BI with the ROIVENUE data, or this one for Google Data studio.