Intro to ROIVENUE Templates

With ROIVENUE Data Exports 2.0 you are able to have your reports in BI tools refreshed daily. We have prepared a few Power BI and Google Data Studio templates for you so you can start immediately.
Visualizations can significantly ease the data analysis process and provide you with the information you need to beat the market with the best decisions.
That is why we want to help you utilize them. We will provide you with tips, tricks and templates that will help you answer some questions you may have.
Nevertheless, each business is different, and your needs may differ from what we have prepared. We will not create tutorials working with the BI tools as many good quality courses are already available. You can check out these created by Google for their Data Studio but feel free to use our templates as a starting point for your own creations.
Example of Marketing Performance Report

What Templates Do We Currently Have?

We are currently providing our clients with these powerful reports.
  • Performance Analysis - Great for following the main KPIs of your business & prepared to track performance from investment to conversion.
  • Order Analysis Report - Ready to help you uncover the truth about your acquisition, retention and profitability.
  • Customers Analysis - Great for analyzing your customer base, segmenting your clients based on revenue and, reoccurrence of buying.
  • High-Level Overview - Track the most important metrics of your business and see their progress over time.
  • Financial Report - Find out structured information about your financial situation by quickly checking the KPIs you need.
  • Campaign Performance - Have an overview of how effective your campaigns are. This analysis offers a variety of metrics and angles from which you can look at your campaigns.
  • Facebook / Instagram Insights - Take a deep dive and get insights about your audience. The Facebook template can be found here, and the Instagram here.
  • Connector Templates - These templates can guide you to navigate and understand how these marketing platforms are helping you achieve your goals.