Connect ROIVENUE Data to Google Data Studio

Learn how to use Data Studio with ROIVENUE exports either by connecting directly to Data Studio or with a template. Follow this short tutorial and start visualising your data in the blink of an eye.
Note: You can either connect directly to Google Data Studio and start your report from scratch or use a template that we provide you within the tutorial's second part.

How to: Export and Connect Data to Google Data Studio

  1. 1.
    Start with exporting your data from ROIVENUE to Google Sheets. Then continue to Data Studio and create a new Report.
2. Choose the Google Sheets connector.
3. Find the correct document where you exported the data and click "Add".
4. Now you have your data ready to start customising the report.

How to: Use the ROIVENUE Data Studio Templates

Besides connecting and starting your Data Studio report from scratch, we wanted to help you skip the "boring" part of building the report, allowing you to start analysing and growing right away.
That is why we provided reports for analysing the most common and helpful use cases in your business.
To use one of our reports, follow these steps:
1. Open the desired template in Data Studio
2. Click on "USE TEMPLATE", then import your own data and get started.
You can either find your data in your already created data sources (e.g. if you are already using Data Studio with some data sets) or click on "Create a new data source" and import your data by following the Sheets-to-Data Studio tutorial.
3. Confirm your data set by click on "Copy report"
Note: This report is created primarily for data exported by ROIVENUE. If you try to import your own data, the whole report may fail, and you will have to make every single component compatible.