Create a Custom Measure in Data Studio
With Custom Measures you are able to focus on metrics that are not exportable using our ROIVENUE's Data Exports.
ROIVENUE Data Exports 2.0 are great, but sometimes you might want to make your own calculation. This is where custom measures come in handy.
List of all exportable metrics from ROIVENUE
After this tutorial you will be able to create metrics like these:
Metrics in ROIVENUE
Calculation in Data Studio
Cost per Acquisition
Click Through Rate
Conversion Ratio
Conversions per Click
Conversions per Impression
Cost per Click
Cost per Delivery
Cost per Impression
Cost per Visit
Cost per Visitor
Deliveries per Click
Deliveries per 1 Million Impressions
Delivery Ratio
Gross Margin
Margin Return on Marketing Investment
Margin on Marketing Investment Ratio
Marketing Investment Ratio(Cost of Sales
New Customer Ratio
Profit per Click

What are custom measures?

Custom measures allow you to create any possible metric by performing calculations on the current ones. For example, the list above provides us with clicks and impressions. So we can easily calculate click-through rate by dividing clicks by impressions.
CTR=clicks/impressionsCTR = clicks/impressions

How to Create one in Data Studio

1. Go to Data Studio and open the desired report in Edit mode.
2. Click on the component where you would like to see your new custom measure.
3. Choose "Add metric" on the right menu and then on "CREATE FIELD".
4. A new menu where you will create the custom measure has opened up. Let's say we want to create Margin Return on Marketing Investment.
5. Name the field accordingly and insert the calculation from the table above.
6. Hit apply, and you are done. The desired measure will calculate and then show up in the component.

Make it Universal!

You probably want to reuse the same custom metric(s) across multiple components. This doesn't mean you have to recreate a certain field each time you want to use it in your custom report.
To make custom measures easy to use across different tables and charts, you can easily insert them in the data set in the Data Studio.
  1. 1.
    Click "ADD A FIELD" in the left menu.
Now, a similar window has opened up, and you can insert the same formula here. The difference is that after you save it, it will appear in the list of "Available Fields", and you can easily drag & drop the measure into different components.