Google Ads & Facebook Ads Comparison

This dashboard allows you to compare the performance for Google Ads and Facebook Ads and decide for yourself which one of these is more efficient for you.
This template can be used as a go-to dashboard to watch over the progress of your Google Ads compared with your Facebook Ads.
NOTE: Using this template requires multiple connectors. The setup process is slightly more intensive than usual, but follow along with this tutorial, and it'll be a breeze. You will create the following connectors: Google Ads & Facebook Ads.
Please find the Google Data Studio template here.
Example of a dashboard using our template

How to create the correct export from ROIVENUE

To use the report, set up an export like this:
1) Select the Create New Export Connector dataset on the Data Export tab.
2) Select Google Ads / Facebook Ads.
3) Connect to the platform and select the view you would like to import data from.
4) Select the following template:
5) For Connector Settings, please adjust the name and date to your liking.
6) For Destination, select Google Sheets.
Once you have your data exports ready, use this tutorial to supply Google Data Studio with the ROIVENUE data into.