Google Analytics

This page is dedicated to presenting and helping you connect to your Google Analytics and solve any issues that may arise related to Google Analytics.
Connecting Google Analytics to Roivenue is the foundation on which everything is built. Getting the data from Google Analytics is sometimes tricky and could lead to errors from time to time. Please follow this article to understand the flow of connecting to Google Analytics and how to fix potential problems.
In order to connect your Google Analytics, you need to head to the Connectors -> Insights Connectors -> Add New Connectors and then click on Google Analytics.
Firstly, you need to authorize the connection through the Google Analytics account you want to connect to.
Then, select the view you want to get the data from.
At this point, you need to select a template for your data.
You need to create two connectors, one with Sessions and one with Transactions as both of these are needed to calculate the attribution. Moreover, here you select the source of transactions that you will get in Roivenue, please make sure you have the same source of transactions for both of these connectors. The processing can not continue unless you have both of these connectors thus make sure to have them. These steps are done automatically for you when self-onboarding but these are necessary when you are adding new sites to your account.
Congrats, you just connected your Google Analytics to Roivenue!
Lastly, if you want to enjoy an enhanced attribution you can implement Roivenue ID, please find more details here.

Potential Errors

Roivenue will let you know via the Diagnostic Center if there are any issues processing your Google Analytics Data. The most common issues are:
  • Lack of conversions, these are needed in order to calculate attribution. In order to fix this, you need to change the dimension inside connectors settings to a goal you would like us to download for you. If you would like to download more goals at the same time, ask the Client Success team to give you a hand with that, as the setup is more complex.
  • Lack of revenue, your Google Analytics does not have any revenue data. Based on your needs you have multiple options:
    • You can be fine with that as your business tracks only conversions.
    • We can assign a fixed value for each lead, for this setup contact the Client Success team.
    • This issue will disappear once you connect your internal system.
  • Google Analytics details failed to load, and this can mean that the GA data may be incomplete. In order to fix this, please make sure you have connected the correct GA view. Otherwise, contact the Client Success team.
  • Lack of GA connector, this simply means that you forgot to connect your Google Analytics, to fix this simply go through the steps mentioned above.
  • (401) Authorization issue - there was an error with authorization or retrieving the access token from Google Analytics. Please reauthorize the connector to fix it.
  • (403) Forbidden - The user does not have sufficient permissions for this - as the name suggests, your user rights within the Google Analytics account are not high enough to provide access to the API. Ask your supervisor to increase them or ask somebody else from your company to authorize your Google Analytics connectors.
  • (429) Resource_exhausted - the number of API requests to your Google Analytics view hit the limit, try running the connector again in 1 hour.
NOTE! There can be slight differences between your Google Analytics data and the data displayed in Roivenue, as Roivenue automatically detects duplicated transactions ( same transaction ID) in your web analytics and removes them within a day.
If you are in doubt about any of this please contact the Customer Success team and they will be happy to help you out and solve any issues you might have.