Processing Shortcomings

This section is dedicated to present and help solve general issues that may arise during the self-onboarding.
Authentication failed
The authentication for the connector you created has failed.
In order to solve this issue you need to reauthorize the connector in order for it to run again.
Incorrect permissions
The connector cannot retrieve the data as the user changed their password.
Please reauthorize the connector using the new credentials.
The access token is expired
The access token is expired, thus it is not longer usable.
Please provide an up to date access token.
Too old start date
The start date you have provided is set too much in the past. e.g. Sklik allows data retrieval for only 400 days back.
Please adjust the start date so that it falls within the accepted interval of the connector.
Your request failed on timeout.
The creation of report was tried 3 times, but there is some problem with it. Review your query and try again.
No data
No data has been returned for the selected period.
Please adjust the date range.
Daily download limit exceeded
The daily download limit has been exceeded, thus unable to retrieve data.
Please wait until the connector is able to get the data.
API calls quota exceeded
The API calls quota exceeded, thus unable to retrieve data.
Please wait until the API calls quote refreshes and the connector can retrieve data once again.
Incorrect XML value
The Transaction Feed file you have sent is in the wrong format.
Please double-check the Transaction Feed guidelines and adjust the file to the correct format.
For any other issues that may arise, please contact the Customer Success team and they will be happy to help you out!