This article is designed to present site creation and guide you through the process.
Your first site is automatically created during the self-onboarding process. However, depending on your needs, you might want to add additional sites to your Roivenue account. You can use this article to guide you through the site creation process.

Site Creation

There are a couple of ways to add new sites to your Roivenue account. The first one which we will display is using the same flow as you have used during the initial self-onboarding. This approach is good for general use as it automatically creates your adequate Google Analytics connectors. However, if you want to have a more customized setting for your new site, we recommend using the second way.

Site Creation along with Analytics Connectors

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    In order to create a new site utilizing the same method as you have used during the self-onboarding, please head to the "Suggestions" or "Diagnostic Center" and click on the "+" button in the "Sites" section.
2. After clicking on the "+" button, you will be redirected to the flow previously encountered. You will go through the same process of connecting to your Google Analytics and introducing the new site details.
3. Once you click on the "Create site" button, you finalize the process. Roivenue will create your new site, create the necessary GA connectors and start retrieving the data.

Site Creation without Analytics Connectors

In order to add a new site to your Roivenue account, you need to head to Settings -> Sites and then click the "Add New Site" Button.
Secondly, fill in the information in the upcoming panel: site name (e.g. Roivenue), the site domain (e.g., the start date ( this is when this site will start to fetch and process data) and lastly the currency for the site.
Afterwards, you'll have to turn on the calculation of attribution models and select the source of transactions. There are three options you can select for transaction source and these depend on your data:
1 - The most common option is "Individual Transactions From Google Analytics". This option is to be used by a standard account without a transaction feed implemented (yet). Please make sure to set "Assumed Percentual Margin" to 100%.
2 - You can select "Transaction Feed" in the case that you have implemented already the transaction feed. You should also turn on 'Delivery Prediction' and leave blank 'Max Delivery Days' in the case that you do not have value planned for this.
3 - The last case applies to cases in which you do not have transactions and track leads in exchange for example. If this is the case, select 'GA Sessions' and set the "Assumed Percentual Margin" to 100%.
Don't worry about having all of this set in stone, you can change all these parameters later on as well.
That's it! You should be able to find your new site in the 'Sites' section.