Árukereső Connector
Árukereső is a Hungarian price comparator really similar to Compari. After some innital setup in the platform, we are able to provide you daily refreshed data. Follow the tutorial and see how.

Step 1: Preparation

To be able to connect to Árukereső, you have to whitelist incoming API calls to the platform on the API Config page. After that, the connector will be able to run on a daily basis.
Login to Árukereső and open the admin section (you can also use this link, to get there)
On this page, you will have to do 2 things:
  • generate an API key
  • set 2 IPv4 ranges

Generating the API key

A key needs to be generated for the ROIVENUE Connector to be able to connect to the platform. To do that, simply just click on this button,
This key will be copied to your clipboard. It will be used later in the authorization. Keep it safe and secure.

Set 2 IPv4 ranges

To make usage of the connectors error-proof, you need to set IP and IPv4 addresses to these input fields like this.
This will allow ROIVENUE to come everyday to the platform and get the data for you.
Before we can authorize the ROIVENUE connectors, please copypaste the API Key from the previous step.

Step 2: Authorization of the ROIVENUE connector

Now we have everything ready to finish the authorization. Go to ROIVENUE connectors, choose Árukereső platform and copy-paste the URL to the input field.

Step 3: See the data!

After this step, there is nothing that will stop you from using the connector. The connector will be downloading your data every day, first thing in the morning. Use it to your advantage.
Last modified 2mo ago