Timeline of Implementation to ROIVENUE

Before starting with ROIVENUE™, there are a couple of steps which we need you to take. These steps are part of the implementation process, which is guided by your ROIVENUE Client Success Manager (CSM).
The process consists of creating your account and then, setting up connectors and the transaction feed.
The sooner we set up the connectors, the faster the implementation process will be. You can then start using ROIVENUE and its features like enhanced attribution and the budget optimiser. After the implementation process, your CSM will continue to work with you as your dedicated account manager.
  • Deal signed by ROIVENUE Sales Representative
  • First contact with your CSM
  • First meeting and access to ROIVENUE: after account creation and connectors setup (approx 1-2 weeks) - ROIVENUE is ready for use - the fee is applicable from this point.
  • ROIVENUE training program : an 8 week long program that will teach you the fundamentals of using all parts and capabilities of ROIVENUE.
  • Transaction feed: after transaction feed setup is complete by the client.

Connector Setup

Access to your platform accounts is necessary in order to connect them to ROIVENUE™.
You will either share credentials or share access with us; depending on the platform.
We keep all usernames and passwords in a specialized software in order to keep them secure.

Data-Driven Attribution Implementation

The enhanced attribution setup is necessary in order to use the advanced features of ROIVENUE™ Attribution Analysis and Path Analysis to the fullest. In order to do this, the measurement needs to be set on a website either through Google Tag Manager or directly on the website, depending on your measurement setup.
To start gathering measured data, we also need to setup custom dimensions in your web analytics.
This usually entails sharing write access to your web analytics platform. This write access can be revoked after implementation is completed so that you can retain full control over your web analytics.
If you decide to use our post view attribution solution, we will also need access to your master data file on the level of impression. This is currently obtained from an external measurement partner, such as Adform or Gemius, and this extensive data set is usually connected with additional costs depending on the measurement partner. Details on your situation with respect to costs associated with master data access can be provided by your ROIVENUE Sales / CSM representative.
It will take 4-8 weeks to be able to use Roivenue ID depending on the duration of the purchase process. Until then, Roivenue Data Driven Attribution will work with Google Client ID but attribution will only be available after a two day delay.

Transaction Feed(Optional)

The implementation of the transaction feed is key in order to see the last part of your marketing funnel. It is necessary to fully understand the final part of your transaction funnel deliveries and gross profit - which can only be extracted from your transaction feed.
The detailed instructions on how to set up the feed can be found in the transaction feed guide.

ROIVENUE™ Training Program

The training program will begin after the first meeting. It consists of a series of 8 workshops (calls or face-to-face meetings) that will teach you how to use ROIVENUE™ and get the most out of its features. You can also find guides for this on our website.
After the training course is finished, your CSM will continue to act as your primary point of contact. Your CSM will regularly get in touch with you to see whether you need any additional help. You can also request additional services like attribution analysis consultations, different types of ad hoc analysis, BI report preparation, etc. If you have a cool data marketing project in mind, don't be shy to get in touch with us!