Custom Dimensions

Custom dimensions are another great tool for providing you with more insights about your data. Not only you can segment your traffic any way you want, but also have attribution per every touchpoint.

What are Custom Dimensions?

Custom dimensions are like the default dimensions in every other marketing application, except you create them yourself. By using basic logic rules, you are able to create and segment your traffic almost any way you want and have calculated attribution per each one of them.

You can use them to collect and analyse data that Roivenue doesn't automatically track.

And what is more, you can have multiple set-ups for more people and follow each one of them separately with attribution calculated for every single one of them.

You can follow multiple channels and segments according to your preferences or the preferences of your team. What's more, you are able to export your custom dimension and create a report based on it.

Best practices:

1) Filter your Traffic into Channels

Probably your no.1 added value of dimension editor will be to sort your traffic into marketing channels to measure impact on them.

There are many ways on how to do it, eg. this one.

2) Measure Impact of Your Marketing Performance and Your Other Marketing Activities

You can also distribute your traffic between Performance, RTB, .... etc, and Other

3) Create See-Think-Do-Care Funnel

This mainly depends on a target group of your campaigns, but the following result can look like this.

4) ... and much more

Explore it on your own. The options are almost unlimited and the results depend on your creativity and reporting of your marketing!

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